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the expansion
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what we do

What we do??

Market studies

What happens?
¿How is it possible to do?
¿What is the potential?

  • Identification

  • Audit

  • Customer profile

  • The internalisation process

  • Competitors

  • Business Intelligence

The market is not the monitoring of the competition, it is a vision of the past, what happens in the present in constant evolution and the possible future forecasts, data and facts for strategic decision making for the implementation of the processes of expansion or consolidation of your company.

Our mission is to guide from practice and make an assessment of the potential of your services or products in different global or local markets

Legal and Tax Advice

and safety
at work place

  • Local laws

  • customs formalities / Export procedures

  • Payment terms in each market

  • Distribution contracts

  • Registrations and licenses

  • Patents and trademarks

Our resources and indispensable partner network in different parts of the world, make it possible to offer a customised service in legal and tax advice in the different processes of your company's expansion.

We protect the safe existence and functioning of your business. Complying with the legislation of the destination country is our priority.


effective distribution

  • Customs and export management

  • Logistics

  • Digital transactions

  • DTA procedures

  • Storage

  • Insurances

Our international cargo service and subsequent local distribution provide a complete solution in the export process of the products.


Be present
Be recognised

  • Brand positioning

  • Brand identity

  • Brand strategy and management

  • Brand communication

  • Stands

  • Packaging

We create, promote and adapt the value of your brand to new markets, other cultures and realities. To be recognised as a solution in a demanding professional circle, to create a solid corporate identity, competitive and differential positioning.

We have believed in your business, service or product, in your team that makes it possible, this is how we begin to work together, so, for us branding is surely more important than direct marketing, it is an integral part for a successful existence in the market.

Marketing / Merchandising

Direct contact with the end-customer

  • Good presence and image

  • Specific training

  • Languages

The sale is the consequence of the rest of the marketing processes

Our model of the relationship with the client is very direct, we are not a "call center" that invoices for probability, we work in limited performance markets, we work as representatives of the product or service, it is the model that gives us the best results in the medium / long term.

There are so many people who repeat over and over ... "there is no second chance of making a good first impression"


Learn to do
Know how to work
Be able to interpret

  • Evaluation of user for each market and region

  • The translation of technical documentation

  • Management and development of online training

  • Organisation of face to face learning

  • End-customer support in the native language

Advances in medicine, sports evolution and technological innovation are advancing at rates that are difficult to follow without constant specific training. This is where surely your service or product is a pioneer in the market, but many entrepreneurs forget that they must transmit the knowledge and advantages of their idea or creation, in short as we say in "utilesports": BE USEFUL

Perhaps you will become well known, you will surely sell, but the strength of a company in the medical and sports performance markets is strengthened by giving customers real and practical solutions in the use of their products or services, we must transmit and share the knowledge.

Customer service

After sales service

  • Procedures

  • Invoicing

  • technical assistance/p>

Our clients have at their disposal, in addition to the possible training, a continuous attention 7/365 to carry out all kinds of procedures that may arise.